Monday, May 10, 2021
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“Hushpuppi Spends on Gucci & Versace but Never His Son”- Babymama Joins the Fray

The war between two friends turned enemies; Hushpuppi and Mompha, has continued to rage on as the former’s baby mama has joined the battle.



Hushpuppi’s babymama, Miss Sho, who claimed he called her a ‘nobody has revealed that he neglected his son and has not reached out to them since his birth.


Miss Shoo also condemned Mompha’s action stating that he brought the family to the open without her consent.


She wrote;


“This was sent to me and as you can see @hushpuppi has said iv given him a son in 2013 and has mentioned our son’s name on his snapchat.


He has refused to meet his son and have a relationship with his him. My husband and I have not stopped @hushpuppi from being a father but up till now he has not seen his son and does not contribute to his son’s upkeep.


it sickens me as the mother of his child to see how he spends on fashion #Gucci #versace and never on his son.


Just because I’m married does not mean the biological father should not take care of his responsibilities, especially when we have kept the door open for him to be apart of his son’s life.




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