Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Article: Sex scandal – The Victimized Female. By Ipinlaye Oluwakamiye

Scandals are part of our lives, one time in life we must have done something scandalous, such that we would guard the secrets with our lives, get blackmailed and suffer in silence just to keep a good reputation with the world outside.


Personally, I find things like this fascinating because it is part of what makes life interesting and worth living. If we all are prim and proper, we’ll die of boredom from the same stories and experiences.


Sex scandal is a very scandalous scandal because “it is one’s private life out there”; more like an intimate disgrace. These sex scandals often involve more than a person whether in a heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual relationships, whether a gang sex escapade or threesome.


Moreover, when the blame is shared the woman, women or females involved are the ones who bear the brunt of these actions. The woman is the ‘unfaithful’, ‘shameless’ and ‘promiscuous’ as if the male folks have a license to justify promiscuity.


Whether it is fornication, adultery, leaked sex tape or whatever type of scandal the men involved do not suffer half of what the women do.


The stigmatisation and name calling is reserved for the women. Even the dictionary has reserved the word ‘nymphomaniac’ for the female; defining it as a woman with an ‘abnormal’ sexual desire. Quick question, is there such a thing as an ‘abnormal’ sexual desire?


It is very infuriating that men do not have an ‘abnormal’ sexual drive, but if a woman has a sexual desire that almost equals or topples that of the male gender she then becomes a nymph tagged ‘abnormal’.


Let’s not forget that women are biologically wired to be more sexually driven than the men but the patriarchal society cannot have that.


Therefore, we are in a situation of imbalance. My argument is that whenever we see it ‘fit’ to judge people all ‘true’ sides of the stories should be considered and brought before the ‘court’.


Everyone deserves justice-man or woman, especially in issues like sex scandals and related issues.


Most importantly, we are humans and as sexual beings this should be respected. Those being blackmailed with sexual tapes or pictures should remember every other person who will see it and comment are also sexual beings.


No one should earn off you because you are being blackmailed. At times the best response to blackmail is facing it head on.



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