Monday, September 20, 2021
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Northern Youths Reject President Buhari’s Re-election

In what appears strong moves to by all means prevent President Muhammadu Buhari second term bids comes 2019 a strong 36 Coalition of Civil Society has asked the President to drop his ambition for the good of the nation.


The Youth Coalition drives from the 19 States of the North who jointly spoke to newsmen in Kano, Sunday, hints that the president moves to seek another term in office would rather be disastrous to the Nigeria nation.


The leader of the Youth Coalition Abdulmajid Babangida Sa’Ad said that President Buhari should not listen to those maggots and hypocrites that surrounded him reaping the nation red for their personal self-benefits.


He said, “the Coalition out of patriotism and zeal for the purposeful drive to prosperity wish to ask Mr president to honourably shun any call by sycophants and mischievous politicians who are bent on continued self-serving ego which is detrimental to Nigerians to bid for the second term.”


Babangida reminded that with the advent of the Buhari regime Nigerians had preserved with all sense of patients and maturity to give him and his administration benefit of doubt to put in place all necessary socio-political and economic mechanism but to no avail.


He said today Nigeria is grappling with furtherance in educational decadence despite promises to fixed it, and health care delivery has deteriorated to a state of crescendo, while corruption has taken new dimension on a high scale.


“Nigerians today have battle with deterioration of standards of living, injustice, insecurity, and high level of impunity has becomes a recurring dismal and mass increase in youth unemployment which engendered social vices in the society”.


” On the light of the above parameters we strongly oppose in strong terms the purported second term bid of Mr president comes 2019 and this simply out of zeal and patriotism, ” they added.


The Youth rejects claims of achieving fits in fighting insurgency saying that alone could not be yardstick for making any meaningful security achievements while killings here and there continued in large scales.



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