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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Service govern the use of the website and its products that have been provided to you. It is expected that you have read all the terms and conditions of our website before using the website. If you disagree with any of our terms of services, then do not use this website for any of your purposes. These terms of the services are applicable for the users of the website including the contributors of content.

The terms and conditions include a class action waiver and a waiver of jury trials and intermediation behalf of individual basis in order to solve disputes in the event of any. In a case of infringement, we have the right to deny any service or access to the website anytime without any prior notice.

Rights of Intellectual Properties

The website is providing the license for using all the materials available on the website. The materials are the properties of our licensors and defended by trademarks, copyright and various other intellectual property laws. You have the right to use all the materials for your personal and non-commercial use by keeping the copyright and other proprietary notices. We have the right to edit, move or delete any inappropriate content that seems unacceptable according to our considerations.

By using this website, you hereby, agree to abide by our regulations for submitting various software, texts, pictures, videos, sounds, scripts or graphics to the website. You are responsible for submitting the content on the website. According to our policy, you agree that you own the contents or have legal rights to post these texts, pictures, videos, sounds, scripts, graphics or software and don’t cause any infringement to any copyrights or property right of any third party. By using the website, you agree to pay any kind of demand, action, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses for any kind of breach of the term from any claims from your graphics, software, photos or music etc.

Governing Laws

All these regulations will be governed and interpreted by the respective federal and state laws and the regulations of Nigeria. By using the website, you are allowing the exclusive jurisdiction of Nigeria with the consent of solving any disputes according to these terms and conditions. If any norms seem irrelevant, it will be terminated if found irrelevant according to our consideration.

Restrictions on use

The website allows the use of its any contents for your personal and non-commercial use. If you fail to abide by our conditions, it will constitute a breach of terms on behalf of yourself. These includes terms of not distributing the service without the consent of the authority, interfering with the security related features and use of these services for commercial purposes. There are also similar norms for the contents published on the website as well.

Purchasing Online

It is expected that you agree and are responsible for any kind of financial purchases made by you through the website. You agree that the site and its products and services will be used for lawful and non-commercial purposes only. The website uses third party service provider for various payment services like merchant settlement, credit card transactions and others. By using the payment services, you agree to our terms to share the provided information, in case it is required.

Signing Up (registration, password, etc)

In order to avail certain facilities of our website, you may be required to provide necessary personal details like name, address, birth date, gender, email ID, etc. If you are eligible as per our age limit for accessing our website, you can register. We hope that you will provide accurate and complete information while registering with us. In case of violation of the norms, we have the right to terminate your account.

You may need to set up a user ID and password in order to avail yourself of some of the features of this website. This feature will be available after registering to the website. By signing up you agree that you will be responsible for all the activities made by your account.


If you choose to post any classified advertisement through our website, the ownership belongs to you. When you post an advertisement in our website that becomes our property, we have the right to reject any advertisement if it is found inappropriate. It is our right to revise, reclassify, cancel or edit any advertisement at any time.

Job Listings

We are against publishing various employment advertisements on our website. We do not accept any advertisement that discriminates on any illegal basis. If you find something objectionable, please contact us and we assure the matter will be investigated thoroughly.

Modifications in the Site

The medium we use is an emerging platform. There may be a need for modifying the contents on the website someday. Therefore we inform the readers and users that we own the right to modify any of the content or discontinue mortally or permanently, with or without any prior notice any time. According to the norms, you agree that we will not be accountable to anyone for any modification of the site.

Third Party Sites

Our website is not responsible for external links and resources that are found in the website. We are not accountable for any content, products, advertising or others provided by third parties. By using the website, you agree that we will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage caused by following such suspicious links from our website.


By using the website, you are allowing us to terminate your account, password or membership from our list. We have the right to remove, edit or make use of any contents submitted by you anytime without the consent of anyone.


In order to follow the path of betterment, we try to gather opinions of our users through surveys. It is expected that you will provide accurate and true information while answering the questions. We require personal and demographic information while conducting the survey.

These are some of the key terms of service that you must follow while using Hyve.

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