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Simple Azenabor: Nigerian man in Japan builds amazing app for easy communication

– Simple Azenabor, a Nigerian based in Japan, has developed a chatting app called SoftTalk

– According to the app developer, the messaging app offers Nigerians a unique experience

– With the app, users can send instant messages while they talk at the same time

Nigerians are making waves in virtually every field. Simple Azenabor, a Nigerian based in Japan and an app developer, has created a Nigerian chat app called SoftTalk.

According to Azenabor, who is also the founder of Prime Time Telecoms, a communication company in Japan, the chatting app will also allow users to send instant messages, videos, audios and files.

The app was said to have launched on August 29, 2018 at a grand ceremony at EKO Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The messaging app works like the popular WhatsApp where signing up requires users’ mobile number and does not demand much data to start running.

Azenabor told the media that what makes the app different from other messaging apps is that it is targeted at giving users a different experience than what is presently obtainable.

“We do so much than messaging, we want to empower and improve on the way messaging is done today, by giving access to users to shop, while Soft chatting and Soft talking at the same time.

“We work with reputable brands and companies in Japan to sell the SoftTalk vision,” he said.



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