Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Hyve is a Media outfit that brings you 24/7 newsfeeds, promotes brands, offers live streaming, and delivers a host of other packages to keep you vibed always.


Our very robust and rapidly expanding roster of journalists keep you informed on anything and everything. Within a very short span of time, we have emerged as one of the leading online news and media platforms in Nigeria.


We believe in informing readers. Our mission is to let you know more and this we achieve by working every angle to deliver the undiluted information you seek. We focus on major policy areas both nationally and internationally to keep you abreast of events as they unfold.


Our goal is to be the leading platform for publicising celebrities, politicians and brands for the people of Nigeria. We also strive to ensure a better and well-informed life of Nigerians. By doing this, we hope to have contributed our own quota to nation building.

Reliable Platform

Our platform is secure and customisable with an interactive interface. Our team has worked hard to build this platform so you can easily get the most from Hyve. We work round the clock to deliver quality reporting and analysis so you have the best information on what matters to you at your fingertips. We work with a single-minded focus and synergized goals so you will never feel let down. Our purpose is to serve you the best of news in your field of interest.

Subject Matter Experts

At Hyve, we have seasoned reporters and editors. They are subject matter experts who are always ready to share from their wealth of experience. Subscribe to Hyve and instantly get answers from the best experts in the industry.

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