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Privacy Policy

It is indeed a matter of concern to us as to how all of your personal information is being used and shared with many people. We respect your privacy and space. Therefore, you are requested to go through the Privacy Policy first in order to be aware of our policies before using our website. By using our website, you agree with the guidelines mentioned in the Privacy Policy of the website.

We simply collect all the personal information of the individuals and collate data on the frequency of use of our services and website. An individual has to provide numerous details while registering with us. It is our duty to protect your personal information in order to prevent any unauthorized use of your details. We only ask for relevant personal details, which is required for our website. We try to use this information to make your experience better by customizing the whole thing.

We collect different types of information from our users, here are the types:

Details provided by you

We keep the information that you submit through the website at the time of registering with us. It is sad but true that if you choose not to provide us the information, that is okay, but you will not be able to avail yourself of some of our special features as well.

We collect information when you visit our website. We collect various personal information which includes; the name, address, company title, email address, password and other details. You need to provide a few personal details while registering with us or subscribing to some of our features. We require details of; your name, address, title, company name, job type, organization type, country, phone number, products that you are interested in, field of interest and locations of interest in order to provide you with a customized experience while surfing on our website.

We also collect various details regarding any of the transactions made by you through our website. Transaction details can be termed as one of the most important assets of the business, therefore; we like to collect all the information regarding the transaction. We keep your details of the email ID whenever you subscribe to our electronic newsletter. We conduct surveys in order to ascertain the opinions of our readers and followers and collate required personal as well as demographic information for further requirement. There are many other points from which we gather further personal information of visitors to our website and apps.

Automatic Information

There is lots of automatic information we collect whenever you interact with us. The authorized agents will automatically receive and record certain traffic data from their server logs. Much information including your browser, IP address, various cookie information and other details of the requested page are being automatically recorded in our database. The website frequently uses the traffic data in order to diagnose various problems with its servers.  It tries to analyze different trends and control the steering wheel of the website. You may have observed that there are many websites that offer to visit different websites without revealing your details. However, our website doesn’t provide such service to the users.

E-mail communications

The website is concerned about your security and details that had been shared with. We never provide any of your details to the third parties without your valuable consent. You may receive different news, promotional messages, products, surveys and offers through email if you are a subscriber of our channel. We prefer to send the newsletters to none except the subscribers of our website.


We use cookies with the help of your browser in order to recognize your system. It helps us to calculate the number of the visitors and the frequency they access to our website through their browser. However, we avoid collecting personal data for the purpose of combining them along with your email addresses and screen names through the cookies from our website so you can remain unrecognizable to us. Sometimes users are found who prefer to deactivate their cookie feature for different reasons. However, we recommend you to activate the cookies in order to enjoy some of the coolest features offered on behalf of our website.

Sharing your information

Users tend to have various trust issues while submitting the personal details to the website. The website confirms that any of the details will not be sold or given to the third parties without your consent. We assure you that we prefer to keep your details safe as described before.   In few cases, we have to share the personal details of the users to the companies, but they are authenticated consultants and the information is provided in order to reduce the security risk and enhance the surfing experience on our website.  Your personal details are highly valuable for us; we never use personal and demographic data of the users for any kind of commercial purposes of the website.

Business transfers

You may opt for various transaction and transfers by using our website. In such cases, we prefer to have a look at the user information, as user information is one of the most important things in business assets, which needs to be transferred.

Protection of website

There may be a need for the releasing of personal information in future; we have the right to use your personal information with good faith in order to comply with the law and our norms. The same thing regarding the exchange of information might happen with other organizations or companies in order to prevent fraud and various risks.

Age limit

You must meet the criteria of age limit in order to avail services and features from our website. You must be at least 13 years in order to register on our website. We don’t offer our services to a child under the age of 13. If we discover anyone accessing our website violating the norms, we will immediately terminate the account.


In the case of updating and modifying our privacy policy, we will inform you regarding the changes. By using the website, you agree to abide by our privacy policy and other norms of the website.

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