Friday, May 27, 2022
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Five Reasons Why Nigeria is still Backward

When we talk about the reasons why Nigeria as a nation is not progressing as it should, even after 57 years of independence, what comes to mind many times is that corruption is the cause. However, when we look at it in the real sense, “Corruption” is really a vague term to describe it. There are many factors that trigger what we know as “Corruption”, and even corruption itself is composed of many attitudes and acts. Some of these are listed below:

  • Greed: This is a major factor of backwardness in Nigeria. Many of our leaders are just out to enrich themselves. This prompts them to embezzle what actually belongs to the masses. Also, even among the commoners, greed causes people to cheat and steal. These acts eat at the economy of the nation and cause backwardness.
  • Ethnic Bigotry: Nigeria is a country that is diverse in ethnic groups. Hundreds of tribes, languages and dialects exist in this nation. This is a good cultural heritage. The problem is that Nigerians use it as an avenue for bigotry. Many Nigerians lack tolerance to people of different ethnicities. They throw merit aside, and give people some privileges based on tribal relations. This also contributes to Nigeria’s backwardness.
  • Religious Bigotry: Just as with ethnic bigotry, a lot of Nigerians have unnecessary issues with people of other religions. They speak ill of them, fight them, and blame them for the existing problems. Rather than face the problems at hand and take responsibility, these bigots always place blames on people of other religions. Not only does this not solve the problems, it creates more problems.
  • Close-mindedness: A lot of Nigerians are old-fashioned and unreceptive to new ideas or information. They only believe in the old ways of doing things. This has a negative effect on the development of the country. Lecturers still use the same curricula they used thirty years ago to teach students today. It’s no wonder a lot of students graduate and remain ignorant of the current trends in their fields.
  • Fear: When it comes to complaining, Nigerians are very good at it. Rather than going out to change things, many people spend their precious times complaining. Fear of the unknown holds them back from acting. What we fail to realise is that huge changes usually require huge acts, sometimes even sacrifices. The spirit of revolution is in us. All that is needed is to kill the overriding spirit of fear, and then act.

If only Nigerians could look beyond now, and work toward positivity for all, Nigeria would be a better place. The change starts with you and I.



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