Friday, August 12, 2022
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Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, singer of ‘Break every chain’ features Nicki Minaj

Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, a grammy-award winning  American gospel singer  whose song ‘Break every chain’ maintained the number one spot on Billboard for 12 weeks and has been heard and rendered all over the globe has featured Nicki Minaj in her latest album, Heart, Passion and Pursuit.

This latest development has shocked and excited a lot of people but the collaboration came into play after Minaj once tweeted about her desire to work with Tasha. The uplifting song featuring the rapper has been titled  I’m getting ready.

Nicki Minaj is far from a gospel artist, but she still holds God close to her heart. In fact, she recently declared that she listens to “old dancehall and gospel” more than all other types of music.

A preview of the song can be heard below:

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Nicky’s tweet:



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