Friday, May 27, 2022
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We cannot trust Alhassan again – Nigeria Ministers

Ministers in the Buhari administration have expressed disappointment over Aisha Alhassan’s endorsement of Atiku for President, come 2019. The development sparked disquiet among the Ministers who now fear that there could be a cabinet reshuffle soon.

Aisha Alhassan

It was reported that most of the cabinet members were shocked. Some of the Ministers said that it was typical of Alhassan. Others said that it would be difficult to trust her again.


One of the Ministers, on the condition of anonymity, said “To me, I think it is like passing a vote of no confidence in your boss. I think it is untidy to write off your boss as incompetent to continue in office.”


Another colleague said, “She shocked me because I used to think she is closer to the President. What you cannot dispute is that the President has never hidden his respect for her.


She was away from the cabinet for months when she was ill and the President tolerated her absence. She should have chosen a different approach to it because one good turn deserves another.”


In reaction, a source from the Presidency said “The President has just come back from Daura and he is just settling down. Actually, there is nothing to say.”



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