Monday, May 23, 2022
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PROCRASTINATION by Adekanmbi Blessing

I once read somewhere that Procrastination is postponing actions. Yes. I do agree. In my own words, I’ll say procrastination is planning to do tomorrow what you were supposed to do yesterday and couldn’t do today. In the long run, even tomorrow and the day after, nothing is done. Or better put, the only thing done in the end is nothing!

Procrastination is in itself an act. The act of not acting. Actually, you wanted to do it and in fact, you made plans. Even in some cases, you already started out but somehow, you couldn’t finish and decided to continue later. But when later eventually came, (it came too late I guess), you just forgot about it!


One of the dangerous statements that can ever be made is “I’ll do it later” because it indirectly means “I’ll never do it” or “I can never do it.” When one postpones today’s business till tomorrow, it is like overloading tomorrow too as each day comes with its own load, business and challenge. Face today’s problem today and tomorrow’s, tomorrow.


The only permitted trick I’ll call it, is fighting tomorrow’s problem today and not the other way round. And that’s by far smart and intelligent. That’s what differentiates the wise from the foolish.

When next you start to think, “I can always do it some other time”, think back the right thoughts and say “I can as well do it now and in fact, I’m doing it right away!” And that’s the spirit. It is being intentional. So right now,

Get up.

Get doing.

Get going.

Keep keeping up!


And sometimes, we might need someone to encourage or challenge us to act. Thanks to my friend who did encourage me to write something as I could have been tied down too in the chains of procrastination had I not sat down and picked up my pen.



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