Friday, May 27, 2022
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Real Story of Actress Genevieve: whether she is Married or not

Recently there have been insinuations that Actress Genevieve is married, and just yesterday after the actress shared a picture with a white man on her page.

He was automatically assumed to be the husband and this has stirred so many talks and comments among Nigerians.


Sorry to burst your bubble but she is not married and especially not to the white man in the said picture. The white man has however been identified as AJ Cham, a tourist and promoter based in California.


AJ Cham and Genevieve have been friends since 2014, he promotes her movies but they are not married. In fact, AJ Cham is a married man with a sonand his wife’s name is Jojo Cham.


Remember the picture of the actress wearing a ring which was assumed to be her wedding band, well the ring was on her right hand and yesterday, she shared a photo and the ring was no longer there.


The actress may be in a relationship, but definitely not with AJ Cham.



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