Monday, May 23, 2022
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I dropped my pride as a Lawyer and embraced taxi driving – Voke Ejenave

The story of Ms Voke Ejenave is a very inspiring one to many ladies (and even men as well).

Voke Ejenave is a Nigerian who studied to obtain a qualification as a Lawyer. Considering her passion and enthusiasm, she went ahead to obtain a Master’s degree almost immediately after that. But, even with the qualifications, getting a job still proved difficult. She applied to different companies but got nothing.

Ms Voke Ejenave

After a while, Voke took a rare and difficult decision. She decided to become a taxi driver, a rare occupation for women in this side of the world. She registered under Taxify, an online transport company in Lagos, and operated all around Lagos.


Voke revealed that, being the only child of her parents, they were not in support of her decision at the beginning.


“It was a difficult decision for my parents to allow me to live in Lagos. And when they learnt of my decision to drive a taxi, they were not in support at the beginning,” she said.


She explained that she was moved to start something after applying for jobs to no avail. She stayed with friends in Lagos, and was usually at home while they went to work.


She said that she was not comfortable with it, and when she stumbled upon Taxify Transport Network Company on the internet one day, she decided to register rather than keep being at home, applying for jobs that were not forthcoming.


Voke started the taxi job and became successful at it, receiving commendations from customers. She said that she achieved this by paying special attention to her customers, and making the journey lively for them.

She then urged young ladies who have graduated not to relent or stay indoors.


“I just want to encourage young ladies who have just graduated and are yet to get their choice job not to relent or stay indoors. Having studied Law for seven years and also having my Master’s, I could have decided to stay indoors and wait for the opportunity, but I believe it is important to make the most of whatever situation one finds him or herself.”


Voke now works with a multinational company, but is still invested in Taxify and presently has two cars with them.



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