Monday, May 23, 2022
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Aston Martin reveals new Submarine venture

Aston Martin today, September 28 revealed its designs on pushing its range far-beyond James Bond’s favourite gadget-laden cars – by revealing plans for a multi-million-pound hi-tech submarine worthy of 007.

The submarine venture, code-named ‘Project Neptune’, in collaboration with underwater specialists Triton, is the precursor to an ‘exclusive, strictly-limited edition submersible’ for the super-rich.


Aston Martin says the radical submarine’s styling has been heavily influenced by its 200mph-plus Valkyrie ‘hypercar’.

Although no prices have been announced, it is expected that the new Aston Martin submarine will cost between £3 million and £4 million ($4 million to $5.35 million).


The submersible will have a top speed of – equivalent to a brisk walking pace – and can reach depths of 1,639 feet (500m).


It will accommodate three people: ‘Room for James Bond and two Bond girls,’ said one cheeky insider.



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