Monday, May 23, 2022
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President Muhammadu Buhari talks about freedom

President Muhammadu Buhari says the political freedom which his administration has provided in the last two years has been abused by some Nigerians who are calling for the disintegration of the country.

The President has also warned against divisive actions as the federal government will not tolerate any advocacy for the dismemberment of Nigeria .


In a nationwide Broadcast to mark the country’s 57th independence anniversary, President Buhari noted that those beating the drums of war were not around in 1967 when the country was plunged into a civil war that claimed scores of human lives.


The president regretted that Responsible Elders do not warn their “hot-headed” youths about the consequences of a civil war.


President Buhari who acknowledged that calls for restructuring are proper if done in a legitimate debate, says Government is disposed to addressing all genuine grievances by communities.


The president noted that APC’s pre-election promises of rebalancing the economy, tackling insecurity and fighting corruption were not based on falsehood saying his administration has taking steps to address some of the issues in its three point Agenda.


President Buhari who is making his third independence day Broadcast since he assume duties as President in 2015 says despite the trials and tribulations the country has gone through, October 1 will always be a day of celebrations.


He called on called Citizens to use the occasion of the nation’s 57th Independence Anniversary for thanksgiving, reflection and re-dedication.



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