Monday, January 24, 2022
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Does Nigeria really reflect unity at 57?

With Nigeria marking its 57th year of independence on Sunday, 1st October, the main issue on the minds of citizens is whether the unity of the country still stays intact or not.

Citizens are concerned about how exactly they are supposed to relate with one another.


This issue has left many wondering whether Nigeria can hold for much longer as a unified country, and wondering what the Government is doing about it.


The truth is that, the bulk of the problem lies with the citizens themselves. With religious and ethnic bigotry taking more ground every day, there is a high risk of more hatred spreading.


The spread of hatred is the heart of the steaming disunity. When Nigerians see themselves as one – as Nigerians and not simply as members of the over 300 ethnic groups, then they will be able to come together to fight the battle against disunity, together.


Once the issues of religious and ethnic hatred are ironed out, then most of the problem is already solved. This revolution starts with you and I.


God bless Nigeria.


By Vincent Abolarin



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