Monday, December 6, 2021
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Protest at Power Plant in Niger State

The National Union of Electricity Employees is at logger heads with the management of Mainstream Energy at the Jebba Hydro Power Plant in Niger state over alleged sacking and victimisation of workers.

The union members in a protest in front of the power plant to demanded for unionisation of  workers and a recall of sacked workers.

Employees of the  Mainstream Energy at Jebba  Hydro Plant  led by their union leaders are protesting refusal of the management to allow unionism and illegal sacking of workers.

Armed with placards with various inscriptions condemning the attitude of management towards their workers. The union leaders said they have decided to occupy the power plant until their demands are met.

They claimed that the country’s heritage had been sold to few individuals who do not have the technical know how on how to manage the structure and called on the federal government to intervene.



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