Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Groom humiliates cheating bride at their wedding

A groom in Singapore decided to take revenge on his cheating bride and teach her a lesson she would never forget by playing a video of her being intimate with another man, in front of their wedding guests.

As reported, the video started by showing the bride and groom’s relationship so far, but, all of a sudden, it changed to a footage of the bride going into a hotel room with another man, and having intercourse in the room.

The guests at the wedding were stunned as they watched the video in shock.

Report has it that, after the video was played, the humiliated bride ran out of the wedding hall.

According to sources, a few weeks before the wedding, the groom hired a private detective to trail his wife-to-be, probably already suspecting her of infidelity.

The secret detective, Miss Zhuo, revealed that she spent six weeks monitoring the fiancée before reporting her alleged findings to her client.

She added that she expected her client to call of the wedding but was surprised that he did not.

Miss Zhuo then disclosed that she did not know the groom’s motivation for giving her that assignment until she saw the tape appear at the wedding.



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