Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Girl caught for stealing in Delta State

A secondary school girl has been publicly humiliated after she was caught stealing N70,000 from another woman using her Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card in Delta State.

Report has it that the woman wanted to withdraw money from an ATM but was discouraged after seeing the long queue. In the discouragement, she told someone (the culprit) in front of her to help her with the withdrawal.


The woman revealed that she gave the girl her ATM card to help her withdraw N10,000 but the girl robbed her by withdrawing N70,000.


After the girl was caught, she confessed that she transferred N50,000 and kept N20,000 cash before walking away. After she had left, the owner of the account realised what this girl had done, got on a motorcycle, and chased her down, screaming “Thief” repeatedly.


The girl was eventually caught and mobbed by eyewitnesses.



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