Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Cleric Agbaye allegedly does not have any bank account or properties

A certain Cleric has proven that the factoid that successful Clerics in Nigeria own several Bank accounts, or properties, is not entirely true.

This Cleric, identified as Olutanmole Agbaye was reported to be the head of Kingdom on Earth Mission. After already being in the Ministry for about 50 years, he owns no house of his own, no acquired landed property, and no Bank account with any Bank.

According to Oseyiza King Oogbodo, the Cleric is a man who has zero desire for worldly glory, and is worth emulating.

Oogbodo took to his Facebook handle to post a picture of the man with the caption: “He started as a practicing Christian and devoted member of a Church located at the Eyebrow of Ilupeju, Lagos mainland.

He became Head of the Church by divine appointment after the demise of the founder. He believes in doing things right and his doggedness and uncommon discipline brought sanity back to the Church which was ridden with corruption then.

He demonstrated rare leadership style of selflessness, and this made people love and become attracted to him. Right from the beginning of his encounter with Christ, he vowed not to call any earthly thing his own because Christ owned nothing.

He declared in front of a mammoth crowd that he would never leave any material legacy for his biological children because all properties belong to the Ministry.

He believes all teachings of Christ as written in the scriptures should be deposited in the lives of followers of Christ and not to be read as novel or newspaper, hence he teaches his followers not to leave all life-changing doctrine of Christ in the Bible but make it their way of life. He is teacher of eternal life, just like Jesus.”


He also added that Agbaye adopts children from Orphanages to give them better lives, and awards Scholarships to students who are not even members of his Ministry.



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