Saturday, July 31, 2021
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ECOWAS Court fines F.G $75,000 for Negligence

The Economic Court Of justice,  ECOWAS, court has awarded the sum of seventy five thousand dollars damages against the Federal government for the act of violation of fundamental Human Rights of the son of retired wing commander Danladi Kwasu.

Justice Nwoke Chijoke  who delivered the judgment held that  the right to life of the deceased have  been violated in contravention of article 4 of  the African chatter as pertaining to right to life.

It also ordered that the defendant should set up a committe  of enquiry to investigate with a view to unravelling those culpable for the cutting down the life of the deceased in his prime when he was  pushed into water during training without life jacket.

In the suit filed by  Kwasu against the Federal government he alleged that  the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, of deliberating pushing his 19- year -old son, Elshadai Kwasu, into a 100 metre-deep lake, and drowning him during watermanship  training in a training near Kaduna state 30th of  April, 2015.

The Federal government had argued that the court lacks jurisdiction in that the protocol establishing the court only vest in it cases of  fundamental Human Rights and that the case is in tort , an argument overruled by the court.

They also argued that by signing a consent form is enshackelled by the principle that he who  consent  to an infraction can not latter complain. A ground faulted by the court.



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