Monday, April 19, 2021
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Facebook’s Latest Move Against Fake News: A ‘More Info’ Button

Facebook is waging war on fake news. It’s been relentless in its effort to take down news sources that are compromising truth for sensationalism.

So far, Facebook has been pursuing a lot of different but also complimentary ways to effectively ban sites that continuously spread fake news and rumours.

Helping users pierce the bubble; Showing related articles for cross-and fact-checking; Showing a “disputed” label on top of, well… disputed news; and lately, prohibiting repeated offenders from advertising on the platform.

The latest feature to help towards this direction is providing users with what is called ‘article context’, showing useful information about the publisher, additional articles on the same subject, or how and where the article is being shared on Facebook.

This way, readers will make informed decisions on whether the piece of news they’re presented with is reliable and noteworthy.



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