Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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About dating Iceberg Slim: ‘I do what pleases me’ – Juliet Ibrahim

Popular actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has talked about her relationship with rapper, Iceberg Slim.

Speaking in a recent interview with HipTV, the actress disclosed that she was happy dating the rapper.

She said, “I am actually someone who doesn’t bring out my private life into the media or out there into the public because I tend to keep things private.


“I live a public life but I still have my private life, so if I choose to celebrate somebody because I am dating the person or that I am in love with the person that I want to celebrate the person, I think it is a personal choice and how I do it is a personal choice.


“I don’t want people judging me or seeing anything in it or thinking they can do better if they were in my shoes because at the end of the day, it is my happiness that matters, not anyone else’s, so I live my life to please me, and I still do keep my private life private,” she said.



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