Monday, August 2, 2021
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‘She’s my baby mama’ – Mentally-ill man obsessed with Kim Kardashain-West

A mentally-ill man, identified as Justin Massler has claimed that reality TV Star Kim Kardashain-West, is his ‘baby mama’, and that she is being trapped by ‘gay men’ inside her Hollywood Talent Agency ‘William Morris Endeavor’.

Report from Court papers have it that he threatened a Senior Executive at the Talent Agency via email, phone and in person over the last six months, demanding to meet with Kim.

He said, “Talk down to me and I will blow your f*cking brains out of your skull and you will see mother*cker.


I’m the real Jason Bourne, and if you try to take me on, and Kim Kardashian trapped, you’re gonna see some major f**king pain, because no is not an acceptable answer for me, you got it? The answer is, I can see Kim Kardashian or who the f**k do I have to take the f**k down to see her. No is not an answer for me.”


Justin, who is a diagnosed Schizophrenic, was once arrested for stalking Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.



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