Thursday, July 29, 2021
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You’re a bitter person” – Skales to Eedris Abdulkareem

In response to Eedris Abdulkareem’s recent rants against several Nigerian musicians, fellow musician, Skales, has called him out, saying that his rants just show that he is a bitter person.

Skales expressed his mind about this in an interview with Hip TV, where he described Eedris’ approach as wrong, considering the fact that many people were looking up to him.


He said, “Big ups, Eedris. I mean no disrespect but I feel like he’s going about everything immaturely.

“You are someone we look up to. If you want to advise us, you don’t have to insult anybody.


“Coming out in public, insulting people, ranting, just shows that you’re a bitter person.”


Watch the Instagram video here



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