Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Student attempts to dump baby after self-delivery

A 200 level student of History and Diplomatic Studies at Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) has delivered a baby boy all by herself.

The lady was said to have delivered the baby in the middle of the night on 24th October. This came after several attempts by the lady to abort the pregnancy.


Report has it that the lady went into a nearby bush to try and deliver the child with the aim of abandoning him there, but unfortunately, she couldn’t give birth to the child so she returned to her room, where she delivered the child and cut the umbilical cord all by herself.


The father of the baby was said to be in Maiduguri when the baby was born. He reportedly accepted the pregnancy when he was informed about it but the lady did not want it.


When people got the hint that the mother was going to abandon the child, an ex commandant of Red Cross in TASUED was reached out to and he got in touch with the school clinic. A nurse and an ambulance were deployed. On getting to the scene, she had already delivered the child and was feeding her baby with powdered milk.


She was then taken care of by the nurse and taken to the school clinic. It was alleged that the parents of the new mother were not aware all through the pregnancy period but TASUED school clinic has contacted them now



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