Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Customs impounds four bulletproof vehicles recovered in Ikoyi home

The Nigerian Customs Officers under the Zone A Federal Operations Unit have impounded four bulletproof Sport Utility Vehicles recovered from a home in Ikoyi.



The Customs Area Controller, Mohammed Garba, disclosed that the vehicles were among 59 seized in Lagos in the month of October.


He said:

“Our operatives trailed and evacuated 59 assorted vehicles from car marts in Ikoyi among which over 40 are 2017 models ranging from Toyota Prado Jeeps, Lexus Jeeps, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Camry, Coaster Bus, Toyota Hiace Bus among others currently under detention awaiting relevant customs document from the dealers within a grace of one month.


“Some are even bulletproof, which require End User Certificates from the Office of the National Security Adviser, NSA. We removed these (Bulletproof) vehicles from a hidden house in Ikoyi while others were gotten from a car park in FESTAC.


“Investigation will reveal further those behind the clearance of these vehicles and (they) must face the full wrath of the law.”


According to Mr Garba, the Duty Paid Value of the vehicles is N1.1 billion. He said that the Agency will seize the vehicles through the courts if they are not claimed before the one month grace period elapses.


Other seized items were 6,206 50kg bags of parboiled foreign rice, Indian Hemp and two dry containers carrying different items, all with a duty value of 3.3 billion.



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