Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Woman now has 3 children after being told she could never have children

Kanisha Anthony, a 28-year-old mother of three, has been through more trauma than many women her age, but still has a positive outlook on life.



Kanisha was trapped in a house fire at the age of 4. Two of her brothers died in the fire while she miraculously survived with her mother and one of her brothers.


She lost fingers, an ear, and all of her hair in the fire. She also had burns on over 60% of her body, including on her stomach. Because of the burn to her tummy, she was told that she could never have children.



She was told that the burnt skin of her tummy could not stretch to accommodate children. But Kanisha went ahead to carry a pregnancy to term, even though she had to live with daily excruciating pain as her tummy stretched.


She had the courage to go through this pain, not once, but three times. Now, she inspires others to look beyond their scars and learn to live without fear of what people will think. She will soon release a book, sharing her story with the world.





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