Saturday, July 31, 2021
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‘My husband never told me he was married with a child, please separate us’

A Lagos housewife, Olawale Bukola has pleaded  with an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State to dissolve her 14-year -old marriage on the accounts of battery and abandonment by her husband.

Bukola, a mother of three, told the court that her husband, Olawale Oluwaseyi didn’t take care of her and the children.


“My husband lies and pretends a lot. When I met him in 2011,  he didn’t tell me he had another wife, , only for a lady to show up few years ago after we got married with a child claiming that she is his wife.


“He has taken to beating me and has refused to look after my welfare and that of our three children.


“I have reported him to his parents on many occasions, but they could not resolve our differences. I sometimes  make a report of him at his office, and his  bosses mandated him to give  me feeding allowance monthly instead of the peanuts he gives whenever it pleases him.


“I also reported the matter at the nearest police station and human rights office, but he still refused to change.


“Sometimes, he gives me and the children N2, 000 as feeding allowance for a whole month,” she said.


Bukola further told the court that she moved out of her matrimonial home when she could no longer cope with the ill-treatment from her husband.


“Since I moved out of the house, he did not bother to cater for our needs despite the fact that he knows I am not working and the sole responsibility of caring for the children lies on me.


“Fending for these children has not been easy and my uncles have been the ones taking care of me and the children for the past two years that I moved out of my matrimonial home.”


The petitioner  who begged the court to dissolve the union between her and  her husband also informed the court that her husband, upon receiving the court summon came to where she was living to fight her.


“He does not want to take any responsibility, please dissolve our marriage, Bukola pleaded with the court.”


The respondent, however was absent in court.


The court  president,  Mrs. I.A Elabor, adjourned the case till December 7 and urged the couple to avoid any form of violence and maintain peace.






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