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Why I serve alcohol in my church – Seer Dike

Seer Blessed Oguguamaka Dike is the General Overseer of As God Said, It Must be Done Ministry, at Oke-Aro in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. In this interview with SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, he spoke on why he serves alcohol in his church and denied running Church of Satan.


Could you take us through your background?

I’m Seer Blessed Oguguamaka Dike, a servant of the Most High God. I hail from Ogwu in Enugu State. I was born and brought up in Bendel State, current Edo State. I share birthday with Nigeria. I started primary school in 1970.

I didn’t complete my Primary 1 when my parents withdrew me from school. All my life, I grew up as a houseboy. When the journey was tough, coupled with my stubbornness, I couldn’t continue my education. I needed to get a job, and that resulted to menial jobs for survival.


So, how did you encounter God?

In 2001, when I had an encounter with the Almighty God, at Omole Phase 1, I was going to Agindigbi, and He said, “Son why are you here? He was putting on a shirt, trousers and shoes. He said I have an assignment for you. My father has sent me to you, and I said, ‘Who is your father?’ He said he would introduce him to me.

And I asked him what I can do for him, and he replied, he want me to inspect and estimate all the vehicles in Road Safety, Ojodu, saying that the father is in charge of all the cars and needed somebody that will repair, paint, change the tyres and refurbish the cars again.

And I said, how did you know this is my profession? He said they knew and that was why they were looking for me and I said okay. I took a permission to go to my shop and bring my letterhead so that I can give him quotation, but he refused and said ‘come and see it first’ and I went.

I used to be a chain smoker, so I drew out my packet of St. Moritz and lit it and started smoking. Then I said, you mentioned your father in the first place, who is that your father? He said my father is coming to meet you and I said okay. Behold, he brought out a bible and said this is what my father said I should give to you, and I said NEVER! Instantly, I remembered the advice of my father when I was leaving for Lagos in 1995 that some people used to turn individuals to different kinds of objects.

Immediately, my mind went to all that my father had told me, so when the man was giving me the bible and He said His name is Jesus Emmanuel, I became afraid. I said I won’t accept it and he said I must accept it because the Bible is my profession.

And I asked if I accept the bible, what would I do with it because I don’t even know how to read or write? Besides, what do you want me to tell my wife and how do I take care of my family, I asked but He said those questions belong to His Father in Heaven. I said okay, then we went towards Isheri Road, along Agidingbi, and suddenly, I couldn’t see the man again.

I ran down to Isheri Road to my workshop, when I got to the shop, I kept the bible. After one week of the encounter, I started seeing a crowd, men and women flocking around me. That was how I met God!


How do you hear and communicate with God?

I communicate with God every moment. I still communed with the Most High last month. I sit and discuss with Him often. I know His form. Who says we can’t see God? I have been ordained by God, and sent forth by God.

When you first had an encounter with God, what was His instruction to you?

God said I should go and bring all his children back to Him. He said I should go and bring back all the men of God that have disappointed Him. After the seventh day I had an encounter with Jesus, He said the Father is coming.


How do you see and connect Jesus back to Abraham, Noah and others the Old Testament?

I connect Jesus back to Adam and Eve, Enoch, Methuselah, Melchisedeck, Abimelech, Noah; these are the gentlemen that lived the life of fulfillment before God. If you check their history, they live 910, 950, 960 years.

These are my ancestors that obeyed God and God gave them extra years but because of sin, God shortened the life of man. In my own time, God will not shorten it again; He wants to make things anew as in the olden days of old. So, God has promised me 500 years of victory till I found rest. I will not die till 500 years are completed.

No sickness, no disease and no member of my church will die because I know the man that killeth and maketh. Jesus is a servant of God like me. He has finished His assignment and gone. When I finish my assignment on earth, I will go also.

He had done wonderful job. So, when people say Jesus is the Saviour of the whole world, then who do they say God is?
John 3:16, God loves the world and He gave His only Son (Jesus) and whosoever believes in Him will not perish…how do you explain this?

There are a lot of mistakes in that part of the bible you just quoted. John 3:16 is good news. Can God be news?


What do you mean by good news?
New Testament Bible of course! Now, can God be news.


The Bible was written by the inspiration. How do you reconcile the Old Testament and the New Testament?

I believe this is a very big opportunity to reconcile it. Let me tell you that the original Bible was a scroll, which was what we had then. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world… but have everlasting life.” How how many Christians today die in a fulfilled age? ‘Whosoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life,’ everlasting life means you must live a fulfilled life like your father Adam. Adam lived 930 years, from the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Jacob died at the age of 147years.

When you do what pleased God, you will die above your ancestors. When you die below your ancestors, it’s an abomination before God. So, the John 3:16 you people are quoting, I don’t feel that the so-called men of God really know the meaning; they are only misleading people. Once you believe the word of God totally and obey the commandment, you will not perish.

That same thing that was written in John 3:16 was also written in Joshua 1:3-9, what this verse is trying to teach us is obeying the commandment of God. I told my congregation in the year 2012 that God is angry with Nigeria, not long after I said it, so many crises started; fighting and killings.


I also told them in 2013 that there is going to be a plane crash between September and October, it was three plane crashes God revealed to me but God allowed me to stop one but I could not stop the other two.

It was not up to two weeks after I said it, when one plane carrying a corpse from Lagos to Ondo State crashed just before taking off, immediately people started calling me after the incident. I will tell you that what was happening in the time of old is happening in our own time.

Looking at your dressing, you wear a crown and beads on your hands. What informs your dressing?
God is the King of kings, so I represent my Father and I must dress like a king.
You said so many things about Jesus being a servant and all of that…
Cuts in: Yes, Jesus is a servant.


Do you believe in rapture and resurrection?

Whistling… Do you know how many men in the bible that did not see death? That is what they called rapture. Elijah did not see death; rapture is when a servant of God lives a life that pleases God, when the time comes, he will go.


When a man dies, the spirit returns to God and the dead body goes back to the dust. Rapture simply means when a man dies, the spirit returns to God, (Ecclesiastics 12:7). So, don’t allow men to deceive you!

One of the things observe in this temple is colour – red and white. What do these colours mean to you?
Red is life; without blood in your body, you will not be alive. White represents peace of the Most High God. You can see what God said concerning blood in Leviticus 17:11.

In the course of your teachings, you said there is no heaven and hell

I said you must not allow anybody to deceive you about hell fire; there is nothing like hell fire. Heaven and hell fire are here on earth.

You once said that you couldn’t read and write. So, at what point did you learn how to read, write and speak English?

God has sent me and he has equipped me. I have never been to any bible school.

How do you relate to Muslims that have the same believe in personality of Jesus?
They are 100 per cent correct! They are my friends and brothers… the Alfa close to my temple and I, are friends and we cooperate. I can go to his Mosque and he can come and worship here. Muslims will not take it that God can become born again and I the Seer of the living God and the son of the living God of this generation cannot subscribe to that. And I don’t believe Jesus is the Saviour of the world.

On the day of your encounter, you said a bible was given to you. Do you still have the bible?
Yes, it’s with me! It’s my life and I will transfer it to the right person whenever I want to handover to the person.

What is the idea behind the altar in your church?
On the higher altar, you can see the chair of my Father, the king of kings. That is where He sits anytime we communicate, while the other chair below is where I sit to hear from him. And my wife also has her chair, although smaller than our own.

There is this believe that you serve alcohol in church, could you clear this air?
God bless you! I don’t serve alcohol. When I heard of the story that we serve alcohol, I wanted to react and cause those media houses to close down, but my media aides advised me to ignore the story. As you can see, I am a king, representing my Father here and when you go to visit the king, whatever you demand is what the king gives to you.

When journalists come to interview me, I normally ask what they will eat or drink and they all made demands. So, I ensured I served them what they requested but after serving them what they requested, they turned around and used it against me.

When they informed me that some journalists are coming to interview me, I asked my media aide and she said I could offer snacks after the interview. I said I couldn’t do that because I am a prince and a son of a king, so nobody comes to my house without eating any food. I told my boys to prepare rice and turkey for those that are coming.

So, when you people come, I will ask what you are going to drink and if you want to drink Udeme (Stout) I will give you, if it is Malt, I will give you, if it is McDowell, I will give you and if I don’t have it, I will ask them to go and buy it. The other day we were celebrating our 6th anniversary and we had enough to drink and eat because.

We were celebrating a lot of achievements. In just six years in our permanent site, the street has been named after us; the Mosque and Celestial church that we met here have relocated to other destination; no member of this temple has died; I have been made the Mayegun of Fakile land… The ‘God’ of my ancestors, “Nebuchadnezzar” has changed our story.

You said you were given a bible when you had an encounter with God, why do you still use the same bible you said that wrongly written?

It is very easy to drag a horse to the river, but you cannot force the horse to drink water. If you try to force the horse to drink water, he will turn you into the water. Do you expect me to come overnight and say I want to remove it? Is that easy? In the original scroll, there is nothing like the New Testament.

What is your relationship with other men of God?

Some of them called me and congratulated me and some called and abused me that I am an Anti-Christ, an occult and series of names. Let all the men of God recognise, who God is and leave Jesus alone. Jesus has finished his assignment and gone, when they nailed him on the cross, he cried out and said ‘My father, my Father why has thou forsaken me… it is finished’. Jesus said it is finished, that means he has finished his assignment on earth; he has given way for others to take over.

The man that said it is finished is the same man people are putting in the position of God.

Is that why you do not belong to any Christian body PFN?

Until God reveals to them what I teach. For instance, I have a book, “God Is My Enemy,” if I open that book they will nearly kill me, some of them will call me Anti-Christ and will ask me to kneel down and ask for forgiveness. I am appealing to all the men of God out there to reconcile with the old and leave Jesus alone; ‘Oyibo’ have deceived us so much.


Can somebody crucify God on the cross? Look at the kind of jest people are making of God. Who can lay hand on God and crucify him? ‘O boy, we have committed offence including me that is here’, we need to ask God for forgiveness.



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