Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Since I met Jesus, I screen the type of movies I act–Anita Joseph

Nollywood diva, Anita Joseph, has been in the movie industry for a while and has featured in a number of top movies. She’s also a singer, dancer and a philanthropist.


Anita, who loves to show off her sexy body in revealing clothes, reveals to ABIOLA ALABA PETERS reasons why she no longer wants to expose her body and the kind of man she wants to settle down with.


What is happening to your career presently?

My career is booming; God is faithful. I’m working on a lot of things. Some of the movies will be out soon.


What would you say has kept you going strong in your career?

It is God, my passion for what I do and the determination to achieve my dream.


Would you say you are fulfilled as a woman?

I don’t have everything I want right now but I’m grateful and contented. I don’t have it all but I’m well.


What is the difference between the Anita Joseph we see on screen and the one outside the TV?

There is a big and clear difference. When some fans meet me, they are shocked to find out who Anita really is. I am very different from what I act on TV. A girl met me on set one day, about three years ago; she was kept in my room in the hotel till there was room the next day. She referred to a movie I did with Ini Edo.


In ‘Bandid Queen’, my brother raped me and I still testified against him. I was very mean in that movie. I had to talk to her about it. She later apologised, but she refused to come back to the room because she didn’t believe it. After I insisted, she came in and for two hours she didn’t say a word to me, even though I spoke to her. At some point, her friend called her and she started crying while talking about me that Anita is not like that. She apologised for the things she read about me and saw on TV.


Few months back, you said, you are now a born again Christian and you no longer expose your body in movies. Does that still stand and how easy is it for you?

First of all, it is not really a difficult thing because I have God on my side and so far so good; God has been faithful.


Don’t you think this decision can affect your career negatively or limit the number of jobs you get?

Well, I don’t understand your term, ‘negatively’, but talking about the number of roles, I don’t think that bothers me. I have not even for once thought about it. I’m not an upcoming actress who jumps at every movie role. As a matter of fact, I have started to screen the type of movies I do since I met Jesus.


But why exactly did you take such a decision, knowing full well you’ve got what it takes?

I’m no longer a baby in the industry. I have grown older; I have grown beyond certain things. These days, I have chosen to be modest in my dress sense because I have come to realise that as a woman, you earn more respect when you are decently dressed.


Now that you are back in the industry; what should your fans expect to see?

They should expect to see more of my movies, this time in a very different light. I will sure meet their expectations.

You tried your hands on music but it seems you didn’t go far with it, why?

I am still doing music; it is just that movies took over. I am yet to release an album but I will definitely do that.


How will you describe your style?

I love dressing how I want to be addressed. I dress according to the occasion. I love to keep it simple, classy and modest.


Do you have it in mind to get married one day?

Sure, I have marriage in mind. But I am not in a hurry to walk down the aisle. I’m trusting God to guide me.


Describe your kind of man.

My ideal man must be God fearing. When he has the fear of God, every other thing falls in. He must be a good dresser, dark or chocolate skinned. I don’t like light skinned guys. He must have a sense of humour; a man of good height. I don’t want a perfect man.


Can you marry an entertainer?

Of course, are they not humans? They are not into crime so I can. I can’t stand lousy men.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

That was a long time ago and it happened at the airport. I never believed I would have to ever beg for money in my entire life but it happened to me. It was an unforgettable and embarrassing moment of my life.


I was at the airport and needed to use the ATM because I didn’t have a dime on me. But for some reason, the ATM didn’t work and I couldn’t withdraw any money. This is after I had eaten at a restaurant at the airport and needed to pay. I looked around to see if I could spot anyone I knew until my instinct told me I had no choice but to beg.

The mere thought of it made me cringe with horror. It was inconceivable and unimaginable but it was the only reality staring me in the face or I had to face bigger embarrassment from the restaurateurs.


What’s your favourite food and how do you relax?

My favourite food is beans and Afang soup. When I’m home, I’m indoors. I don’t do cinemas. I prefer to be indoors and just enjoy myself. That for me is the best form of relaxation.


Few words to your fans and followers?

I love you all, thanks for supporting me from day one. I appreciate your prayers. Keep buying my movies and I promise never to let you guys down.



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