Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Ikoyigate: DSS Moved Whistleblower to Yaba Left

The Ikoyigate whistleblower saga has taken another huge twist as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have accused him of going insane and have had him relocated to Yaba psychiatric hospital.


The whistleblower on his part has responded saying he’s not mad, but only wants to have what was promised to him– his money.


You will recall that through the efforts of the whisleblower, a whopping $43.5 million, £27,800 and N23.2 million was discovered at No. 16 Osborne Road and in line with the whistleblower policy implemented by the Federal Government, the whistleblower was entitled to a cut of the money recovered.


EFCC’s acting boss, Ibrahim Magu had said that the whistleblower was now a millionaire and that the agency was working on him so as to help him be responsible with his newfound fame.


The whistleblower has however disputed this claim. Through his lawyer, Mr. Yakubu Galadima, the informant claimed that he had been subjected to unsavoury treatment and had gotten to the point where he had to start shouting that he wanted his money which led the EFCC to label him insane and have him moved to a psychiatric ward.


According to the Sunday Vanguard, Galadima had said; “The day we went to the office of the then Acting President, they gave him a number that he could reach at any time. So he has been communicating with the Vice- President.


Following the threats, they detailed some SSS to be working around him. “Because the guy had always been looking forward to seeing this money and it wasn’t forthcoming, he started shouting. When he started shouting, they said he was mad, that he is having a mental problem.


“The SSS people called me and said I should come and carry my luggage. They brought him to the EFCC and abandoned him there. The EFCC people called me that I should come and carry my client.


‘’On getting to the commission’s office, I was informed of my client’s mental illness and plans to take him to the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Yaba.


“I said he is not mad, that it is because you people are holding his money that is why he is reacting this way. They insisted that the guy was mad, that they had to take him to a psychiatric hospital. They bundled this man. I said ok if that is how to prove that he is not mad, no problem. We went to the psychiatric hospital in Yaba.


“They injected him and said they have to monitor him for a month. They monitored him for a month. The day they were going to release him, the EFCC called me again to come and carry my critical asset


‘”This was a boy I never knew from Adam. I said ok, I went to the EFCC, the guy said he was ok, there was no problem anymore. They handed him over to me three weeks ago.  I pay money into his account on a weekly basis for his upkeep.’’



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