Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Man finds car 20 years in same place after forgetting its parking spot

A German driver who parked his car back in 1997 then forgot where he parked it, has now been reunited with the car exactly 20 years after, and it was found at the exact spot he left it.


Authorities in Frankfurt found the car in a garage in a building which is set for demolition. The car was rotting in a garage all these years and is now unfit to drive.


The car owner had phoned the authorities to report the car missing after he couldn’t find it. After he searched and still didn’t see the car, he assumed it had been stolen but it has now been discovered that the Volkswagen Passat had just been hidden from view and was actually exactly where he left it.


Police drove the 76-year-old man to be reunited with his Volkswagen Passat. The car had only been discovered because it had been parked in a building which is being regenerated. 


According to German paper Augsberger Allgemein, the car was getting in the way of building work so police had to investigate and find out who it belonged to.


Frankfurt authorities said: “The car can no longer be driven and will be sent to the scrap heap.”



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