Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Mnangagwa set to be sworn in as Zimbabwe’s president

Zimbabwe’s recently fired vice president is set to return to the country to be sworn in as leader after a week of turmoil saw the military swoop into the capital and oust Robert Mugabe.


Mugabe, 93, announced his resignation in the middle of impeachment proceedings against him on Tuesday.


The country erupted into scenes of joy, with cheering and dancing in the streets going on late into the night as people celebrated the end of a leader whose rule was overtaken by economic collapse, government dysfunction and human rights violations.


Now the focus turns to Emmerson Mnangagwa, Mugabe’s long-time deputy who was pushed aside earlier this month as unpopular first lady Grace Mugabe positioned herself to replace him and succeed her husband.


Mnangagwa fled the country, claiming to have received threats on his life but he is due to return to the country today to commence his term.


The president-elect who will be sworn in Friday has also pledged “jobs, jobs” for Zimbabweans, a promise greeted with a roar in a once-prosperous country whose economy has collapsed.


He also asked for cooperation from fellow African nations and speaking in the Shona language, he repeatedly backed the ruling party and said “down with enemies.”



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