Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Nigeria will be first African nation to win FIFA World Cup – FCT FA Chairman

The Chairman of FCT Football Association (FA), Musa Talle, on Wednesday, said he was confident that Nigeria would be the first African country to win the FIFA World Cup.


Speaking in Abuja, Talle told Newsmen that the country was destined for FIFA World Cup glory by the recent performances of the Super Eagles.


He expressed confidence in the fitness and form of the Super Eagles, and belief that the current form makes it possible for them to bring the World Cup home.


Talle said, “Our Players have upgraded in terms of fitness, form and style of play, and this makes it very possible for them to bring the World Cup home from Russia in 2018.


“It is on record that no African country has ever won the Cup, but I am confident that Nigeria, with the way they are playing now, can break that record.”


Talle further urged Nigerians to continue to support the Team, adding that this was key to achieving success.



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