Sunday, June 20, 2021
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I Found My Father After 24 Years, But…

“Someone Needs Your Matured Advice”

I Don’t Need To Create A Different Moniker Coz Life Is Unfair.

Take Time To Read And Offer Your Best Advice.

Since I Was Born, I Know My Father Exist But Sadly, I Don’t Know His Whereabout For The Past 24yrs.


My Father Studied Abroad, Graduated With 1st Class Honours (comes with an Award and Cash Prize). He Came Back And Employed By Rivers State Govt. After Some Time, The Award/Prize Came From Switzerland. He Was Informed. Those Who Received n Was In charge Declared Him Dead. He Name Was Removed From Voucher, And They Wanted To Kill Him.

From Some Books I Saw He Wrote, He Was Referred To As “Dr.”, Working 2wards His “Professorship”.

My Mom Told Me That He Wrote To Ex President Jonathan, And He (Jonathan) Assigned Some Govt Officials, They Were Invited To Abuja, And After That Nothing Was Done.

I Don’t Know How He Feeds, Cloth Or Where He Resides (Exact Location).


After Graduating In 2016, My Family Members Pressured Me To Search For Him If He Was Still Alive. As The Only Child, I Need No Other Alternative Than To The Needful.

I Started The Journey From Rivers State To Abuja, With The Help Of Some Unknown Person’s In Abuja. I Pleaded With Him To Come Home, And Those Persons Assisted Me And He Came Home.

We Had Our 1st Family Meeting, Which I Promise To Handle The Issue In A More Diplomatic Way With The Assistance Of Some People I Discussed With.

I Started Working With Those Men, We Scheduled A Date To See The Ex Governor Of Rivers State (Ex Gov. Omehia). Dear Nairalanders, Just Some Weeks To The Date, My Father Ran Back To Abuja.

I Was Disappointed. I Swept Bitterly. This Man Doesn’t Know How His Only Child Eat, Cloth, Or How I Managed Throughout My Days As An Undergraduate, And More Importantly, The Past 24yrs.

My Mom Is Suffering – Emotionally And Otherwise.

How Can I Handle This Situation?

Have I Not Tried My Best?

I Am More Than Confused.



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