Saturday, July 31, 2021
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The boy is mine! 4 different women wish their “bae” a happy birthday and it’s the same man

Different women took to Facebook on November 27 to wish their boo Collin Tangeni a happy birthday, but it turns out they all share the same boo and had no idea.


Each woman didn’t know that her boo has multiple other boos until the day of his birthday after all the women tagged him on their birthday post and every one of the posts showed on his Facebook wall.



Collin Tangeni Twin from Namibia has obviously been leading four different women on, maybe even more, but it was only 4 who wished him a happy birthday publicly and called him “bae”.



The women went on to share the pictures they took with him and the photos are rather intimate, so there’s no way the man can claim he doesn’t know them.



Collin has now deleted all the birthday posts from the women, but social media users are now asking; who is the man’s real bae, or are they all just side chicks?





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