Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Photos: ISIS children execute a ‘spy’ by chopping his arms off with swords

A sickening video has emerged which shows young ISIS butchers who appeared to be in their late teens carrying out an execution on a spy and threatening death to other spies.


In the disturbing video, the pair, dressed in camouflage gear are seen stepping forward, before chopping off his arms with giant swords.



Before the execution was carried out, the victim was chained to two trees with his arms stretched out as he confessed to his crimes.


According to Mail Online, the man is said to have been a US spy and the executioners were orphans whose parents were said to have been killed in airstrikes. The alleged spy was arrested for passing information to Pakistani and US forces in Afghanistan.



The video was reportedly released by ISIS in Khorasan Province, a mountainous border region stretching across parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.





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