Friday, May 14, 2021
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I Make Money Loving Nature, Flowers – Hassana


My name is Hassana Yunusa Daksiri. I was born in 1970 in Mubi  local government area of Adamawa State. I started my primary school in Luggere Primary School, Jimeta in 1983, and attended GDSS Karim Lamido Taraba State, G.D.S.S Gombi for my secondary school. I attended courses at College of Forestry Ibadan in 1991 and College of Agriculture Jalingo in 2014.



My love for horticulture and passion for green environment and scenery of nature triggered my passion and interests in the business of growing flowering plants. I started a small garden beside that of my father, who worked in Forestry Department and knows how to manage garden very well.


I used to assist him water his garden during weekends. When we are through with his garden, I used to pick some plant seeds and stems and transfer to my small garden. Before you know I owned a garden.

After completing my secondary school, I applied for loan through a cooperative society in my community to properly expand the business and thank God the business is growing from grass to grace. I realize money from it on daily basis.



Beautifying the environment and discovering new plants gives the edge in what I do.



Hard work and supports from my husband and rendering supports to others are determinants of my success.



To make the business boom; to empower more people and render support to the vulnerable, especially the internally displaced person (IDPs) in the state.



I started developing interest in growing flowering plants when I was in secondary school through my biology teacher. Also my father worked in the forestry departments and inculcated the interest in me.



Like any other business, horticulture is associated with risks and challenges, especially scarcity of water during dry season; traveling far to procure seeds and meeting the demands of customers. During dry season-from the months of February to May-I used  to defy festivities and unnecessary travels to ensure I water the garden and flower beds to stop them from drying up from  the scorch of the sun.



The business has really grown from grass to grace. Having empowered over 50 people, including my immediate family members to me is a great achievement which I believe needs to be replicated by other people in  many other communities in the state. Especially with the increasing rate of unemployment in the society.


By so doing many would key into the business and make it attractive because it pays and put food on the table of many people. Most of my employees are family men, whose responsibilities are enormous.



My memorable moment was the day students visited my garden on excursion. They took samples of my seedling and flowers for their practicals and research.



I like watching series of documentaries on nature to identify various stages of growth,reproduction and movement of plants and flowers.



My regret is inability to further my education up to university level, where  I intend to acquire  modern techniques  of growing plants. This and many more inspired me to support my husband in sponsoring  my children to universities across the country.



First build trust and confidence between you and your husband to start small scale businesses. Not every business requires much capital-is all about determination to succeed-God willing you make it.


Women should avoid over dependence on their husbands, instead get involved in one business or the other for self-sustainability.


By Hussaini hammangabdo



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