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Lessons from Writing a Book on Pastor Adeboye

A Wife’s Fury

There was this rich man who had vehicles of all kinds. One day he had a quarrel with his wife and the woman said to him, “I will see to it that you walk Lagos streets without a car.”

The man laughed over that, saying, “How can I possibly walk? I have fifty-four vehicles. How will I ever need to walk when I have so many vehicles?”

He didn’t know the kind of woman he was married to. Not long after that, he started having endless problems. Many of the contracts he had executed and that had been paid for developed problems and he was asked to refund the monies.


New jobs were no longer coming in either. Before he knew what was happening, the cars were going. By the time he came to church to see us he had only one car left and fifty kobo in his pocket.
After narrating his story, he asked himself, “What do I do with this fifty kobo? If I eat with this fifty kobo, there will be no money to buy petrol and I will have to walk as my wife said. If I use the money to buy petrol what will I eat?”

We gave him an opportunity to surrender his life to Jesus. In that kind of situation, we did not have to preach for long. He was ready for anything. He surrendered his life to Jesus and the Almighty God took control. A year later when he was sharing this testimony, we had dedicated two houses for him on the same day in Lagos.



The Exterminator
Two men once had a bitter quarrel. While they were fighting, one said to the other, “By the time I finish with you, there will be no sign that you ever came into this world.”


His opponent thought it was an empty threat, but about two weeks or so later, he died. So his children, including the eldest who had just returned from Germany, came to bury him.
After the funeral, they all returned to their respective places of work. But the sibling from Germany had an accident on the way home and died.


When the news reached their mother, she collapsed and died too. It was too much for her to bear: having just lost her husband, she now had also lost the most prominent of her children.
The other children came and buried their mother and on their way back another accident occurred, in which the eldest daughter died.


To cut a long story short, the rest of the family died one after another until it remained only one, the last boy. The attacker, who had vowed to wipe off the memory of his adversary from the surface of the earth, saw this boy and vowed, “Before I kill this final one, I will torment him a little.”


When the boy returned to the university, he ran mad. He gathered all his books and clothes and set them on fire. He was thereafter taken to a psychiatric hospital and loaded with drugs. He was later certified as having recovered and was discharged.


When he got back home, he decided to get some money from his father’s estate so he could start all over again. The attacker saw him and said, “Oh, this one is still okay. We shall see.”

By the time the boy returned to campus, the wicked man, once again, went to conjure up his evil plot of destruction against him, this time, increasing its potency. The boy went mad again.


This went on repeatedly until somebody discovered that it was fierce spiritual warfare the boy was going through, which only God could handle. By the time this poor lad was brought to the Redemption Camp, he had not slept for fourteen days.


His eyes were fiery red. We prayed, and God took control; he became completely normal again. He finally graduated as a medical doctor.
One day, he came to my office crying and I cried with him. He said that but for Jesus, he would have been eating from the dustbin.


Dress Set Ablaze by the Holy Spirit
During one of our meetings, I saw, from the altar, a woman running with some people following her. After the service they brought her to me and I asked, “What is happening?”
She said, “As you were preaching, my clothes caught fire, then I knew I had reached the place where I would be set free.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her.
She said, “Let me tell you my story.”
She was trying to protect her children from dying, so she went to a certain “prophet” for help. While she was waiting to be attended to the prophet’s wife asked her what she wanted the man of God for.


The woman told the prophet’s wife that she wanted to prevent her children from dying.
The prophet’s wife said, “That is no problem, just take this kolanut and eat, none of your children will die again.”


Innocently, she took the kolanut and ate it not knowing that through it she had been initiated into witchcraft.
Within seven days, she began to fly at night, attending meetings where they shared human bodies and so on to eat. Soon, they came to her to say it was her turn to provide meat for the feast. So she killed her husband. Of course, she was very sad because that was not what she bargained for.


From that moment, she started going from one Babalawo to the other, but she was only adding petrol to the fire. The killings went round again and came to her turn once more. This time, because her husband had been killed, she had to sacrifice one of the very children she was trying to protect. I think it was almost time for her to donate the second child when she came to the church. That was when the fire of God came down mightily and her dress caught fire.


We prayed a simple prayer and she went home. In some villages, they still use what is called pit latrines. It is a kind of toilet where when you want to relieve yourself, you do it on some old newspaper, spread on the floor, and transfer it into the pit. This was what she did that night, but to her amazement, she excreted a dead snake. And from that day, she became free.


Laced Meals
Some years ago at one of our Holy Ghost Services, the Lord spoke to me clearly. He said there was a woman in the crowd who used the water from washing her private part to cook for her husband. The Lord warned that if she didn’t come out, she would be inflicted with cancer in her private part. But she refused to heed to the call.

Much later, I got a message from her referring to what happened years ago and begging me to pray for her. She had started to experience the repercussion of her action.


God revealed a similar situation to me not too long ago about a certain woman who had been feeling unusual snake-like movements in her stomach. Then she prayed and fasted, after which she had a dream in which she saw a snake had come out from her private part.


After a while, the snake returned, this time with a blood-soaked mouth, and it entered into her again.
After revealing this to members of the congregation, I prevailed on the woman in question to step out and receive her freedom permanently in Jesus name. She did.


Stuck in Bed in Benin City
Sometime ago in Benin City something strange happened. I was invited by the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International to minister to them, and after I finished one evening, their leaders came to me and said there was a case I must help them deal with.


They said there was a man I must pray for urgently and I told them to bring him, but they said that was not possible; meaning I had to go and meet him.


According to them, the man left home in the morning after all his children had gone to school. He had locked his doors and windows and left. When the children returned from school earlier than their father, they used the spare key. Later, the youngest daughter decided to go to their father’s room to take something. She got to the room and found an old woman sitting on her father’s bed so she ran out shouting, “There is an old woman in my father’s room, old woman in my father’s room!


All the children ran out. When their father returned and saw the children outside, he was told what had happened, so he went to his room but saw nobody. He dismissed the claim, wondering how someone could have entered the house when all the doors and windows were shut.


That night he slept on that bed and that was the last time he was able to get out of bed; he just got stuck on the bed. We went to him and I told him I know somebody who could deliver him from the forces of darkness; somebody who could release him from captivity.


We didn’t have to preach long. He gave his life to Jesus Christ. And for first time in a long while, he could walk. He escorted me to the car. We don’t know how many evil forces visit us every night.


Mother Who Was killing Her Children
I once visited a family without realising that the woman of the house was a high-ranking witch. She and her husband had reached an agreement in the spirit realm that, out of every two children born to them, one must die.


As at the time of my visit, they had a little daughter who had been marked to die on that very day. Of course, I didn’t know this as I only visited to greet the family.


As I was about to leave, the child, who was strapped on her mother’s back, stretched out to me with great longing, perhaps in premonition of her impending doom. I had no option than to hold her. We were to learn later that this child never, ever allowed anyone else, to carry her.


So I carried her and prayed for her, oblivious of the prevailing circumstances. “Father bless this child, keep sickness away from her, and keep death away from her.”


And the yoke was broken! Shortly after that incident, the mother began to confess.
“I killed three of my children, but the day I was to kill this one, this troublesome pastor came by and took the child from me.”


By Bisi Daniels



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