Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Man kills late brother’s widow he inherited

In what has been described as demonstration of absolute wickedness, 37-year-old Shaibu Buba is alleged to have killed the wife he inherited from his late elder brother.


Buba beat the victim, Satina Buba, 45, to death with a club as she was sleeping. Satina had four children for the late husband, Danladi, who died in 2016.


In keeping with the tradition of their community, Shaibu inherited Satina after performing the traditional marital rites in February this year and began living with her in Kuruduma II, Asokoro Extension, Abuja FCT.


Then somehow, he heard that she was having an affair with another man. Rather than investigate to ascertain the truth, as Sunday Sun learnt from the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Sadiq Bello, Shaibu decided to murder her. On the fateful day, he went over to where Satina was sleeping about 4.30am on November 16, with a club and dealt her fatal blows.


In a chat with Sunday Sun at the headquarters of the State Criminal Investigation Department of the Federal Capital Territory Police Command, FCT Command, Shaibu who hails from Shonmou Local Government Area, Gombe State said: “I killed my wife that I inherited from my late brother, Danladi Buba, who died in 2016. My late wife had four children for Danladi. It was in February 2017 that I inherited her with the approval of the family.


“I killed her with a stick when she was asleep. I heard from people that my wife was having affair with another man.”


When he suddenly realized the import of what he had done, he rushed into the kitchen and he attempted to commit suicide. He poured kerosene on parts of his body and set himself ablaze, and then rushed to Asokoro Police Station and reported himself.


Policemen from the station followed him to the house in an effort to rescue the wife and took her to Asokoro General Hospital, where she later died.


Following the death of the woman, Shaibu was detained at Asokoro Police Station. “I have regretted the devilish act I committed. I want my wife’s family and my family to forgive me. I know that I will face the consequence,” Shaibu said.


Meanwhile, the kinsmen of Satina have been made a strong representation to the police seeking the release of the corpse of their deceased daughter for burial.

Satina’s father, who spoke with Sunday Sun, said: “Our daughter had four children for her late husband. After he died, she allowed the younger brother to inherit her according to our tradition. Shaibu Buba came to Gombe State in January 2017 to do traditional rite to re-marry my daughter in February.


Bello assured the bereaved family that the police would release the victim’s corpse after concluding the investigation into the murder case.



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