Friday, May 14, 2021
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Necklines vs necklaces: The perfect match

There comes that time in a lady’s life where the confusion of matching necklines to necklaces sets in. With the current rave about statement neckpieces, even for casual outfits, the struggle to ensure perfection is real.


Makeover provides some tips for choosing neckpieces:



For off-shouldered or strapless outfits, let the neckpiece draw attention to your collarbones. However, the bulk of the necklace will be determined by how much of your shoulders and chest is exposed. For the simple strapless, keep things less dramatic by opting for the simple alternative when it comes to neckpieces. If you want, feel free to work with a necklace with more volume. Ensure you’re flattering your shoulders and neck appropriately. Chokers are also not a bad idea for strapless outfits.



Depending on the outfit, you can simply opt for simple jewellery, whose pendant draws towards the middle of the bust. If you go bigger, ensure the base of the necklace is V-shaped as the neckline of the outfit.



The cut of this neckline makes it an alluring neckline to work with. You can work with the recommendations for strapless, but don’t go overboard. The trick is to appeal desirable, to the collar-bone.


Deep plunge

For this neckline, since the motive is to draw attention to the chest area, leave it bare. If you really crave a necklace, go for simple pieces. Pick a long chain that droops through the neckline, and ends with a simple pendant. You can also pick a stack of droopy alternatives that appeal to the plunge.


Round neck

This neckline, depending on how wide the cut is, leaves much room for playing around with statement neckpieces. So, feel free to get creative. Round neck also works well with fabric-themed necklaces with chunky designs.



Whether halter necked or collared, you can work with layers, or a chunky alternative with designs. However, the design and build of the necklace would be determined by the design of the outfit as well. For best results, use statement necklaces on plain/neutral coloured tops. The designs can come with the lower part of the outfit.



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