Thursday, May 13, 2021
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If we end SARS, robbers would take over’ Nigeria Police Force says

The spokesperosn of the Nigeria Police Force NPF, Jimoh Moshood, says the force cannot disband SARS because scrapping the unit will give armed robbers the opportunity to attack residents of the state.


In a chat with newsmen, Jimoh said;


‘Some of the complaints in the social media are genuine, and some happened five, six years ago and some are bringing them up now. We know that any organisation that is subject to public opinion has to grapple with the responsibility of educating the public constantly.


We can’t say because there are one or two infractions, we should end SARS because if you end SARS, robbers would take over.


We appreciate the patriotism of those demanding an end to SARS, but other groups are equally saying, reform SARS. So if they have any complaint against the unit, let them tell us and it would be addressed’ he said



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