Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Heart breaking story of young woman wrongly jailed in Kirikiri without her family knowing her whereabouts

A young woman is currently serving time in Kirikiri prison after a police officer allegedly stopped her one morning for interrogation then arrested her, without giving her a chance to contact her family members.


21-year-old Precious Sunday recently came to Lagos from Abuja to stay with her sister who resides in Ikate. One week after her arrival, she was on a bike, going to her sister’s shop early in the morning, when a police officer stopped her for interrogation then seized her phone and took her to Maroko police station.


At the police station, she was accused of being a prostitute, tried in court, and told to pay a fine of NGN100,000 with the option of six months in jail. Unable to contact any member of her family, she was locked up at Kirikiri prison and has been there since.


Read the story as reported by Best Okoduwa below.

Precious Sunday is a twenty-one (21) years old young woman who lived in Lugbe, Abuja. She visited her sister in Ikate, Lagos state who sells Palm wine and “burukutu”. One week after her arrival; October 18th 2017, she was on a bike (Okada) on her way to shop when police stopped and began to interrogate her. She wasn’t sure what was happening and her phone fell at about the same time. She tried to pick up the phone but the police denied her that privilege and rounded her up to Maroko police Station.

She spent the night in a police cell as she was accused of being a prostitute and was transported to a court in Oshodi Lagos state the next day.

In Court, they read a book to her and asked guilty or not guilty? She didn’t understand what was read and could not answer. However, She was fined one hundred thousand Naira (#100,000) with the alternative of six months in jail

Precious Sunday’s biggest challenge at that point was her disconnect from the rest of her world. She does not know anyone’s phone number off-hand and was deprived the opportunity to pickup her phone when it fell at the place of arrest.

She was immediately transported to Kirikiri female prison where she has been till date. She claimed no one knows her whereabout.

Precious is evidently illiterate as she could barely express herself. It took a great deal of patience to see this narrative through.

Kindly Spread word about Precious Sunday in Kirikiri female prison around with the hope that a family member will learn of her predicament or some Good Samaritan will come to her aid soonest



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