Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Photos from the accident that left singer, Yinka Ayefele on a wheel chair for the past 20 years

Exactly 20 year ago, Nigerian singer Yinka Ayefele was involved in a car crash that left his spinal cord damaged.


Before his accident on December 12, 1997, Yinka Ayefele was a broadcaster doing well for himself before his life changed in a car crash while driving his blue coloured Volks Wagen beetle.



Reminiscing on the day, the singer wrote

‘exactly 20years Today, 12th of December 1997 my turning point. Glory be to God almighty for his love and kindness over my life from the past 20 years since I had that accident. It was indeed my turning point.

I am grateful to you lord for making me a living testimony and I sincerely say a big thank you to all my fans all over the world for your unflinching support for the past 20 years. Whereever you are, please acknowledge God on my behalf’.



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