Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Driver slashes passenger’s throat over N10

A commercial bus driver has reportedly killed a passenger over N10 in Warri, Delta State. The bus driver, plying Orhuwhorun and Warri route allegedly killed one of his passengers with a sharp object during an argument over N10.


It was gathered that when the deceased, who boarded the bus at Enerhen junction, Warri, got to his destination, paid the driver, but the fare was short of N10. The driver, who did not take kindly to the shortage, grabbed the passenger and also seized his mobile phone.


The driver and passenger started quarrelling, with the argument snowballing into a fisticuff. During the exchange of punches, the passenger succeeded in inflicting injury on the driver.


The driver, blinded by rage, grabbed a screw driver from his bus and stabbed the passenger’s throat, perforating it. It turned out to be a fatal stab.


Similarly, a man, who runs a gambling centre, was killed by suspected cultists. The victim’s identity, as at press time, could not be ascertained. According to witnesses, trouble started after a customer lost N100,000, which he placed on a bet.


The customer was said to have pleaded with the owner of the gambling centre to refund N80,000 to him, but the operator refused.


The customer, believed to be a cultist at Ovwian, alerted his gang members. They attacked and kill the operator. Thereafter, they took the N100,000 from his centre and escaped.


It was also learnt that police have spread their dragnets as the hunt for the killers begin. The area, where the game operator was killed, has been deserted.



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