Monday, May 10, 2021
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Article: Where are the ‘Yoruba Demons’? By Emmanuel Akinsola

Isn’t this a good question? The average Twitter or Instagram user can easily answer this. Simply because, our social media has been awash lately with a detailed description of who the ‘Yoruba demons’ or ‘demonds’ are.


But anyways, my question still remains “where are the Yoruba demons?”


But before we proceed, let’s agree on a comprehensive definition of who the ‘yoruba demon’ is. I stumbled across an interesting breakdown which says: “Yoruba demon (n): a charming guy who sweeps you off your feet by doing all the right things, only to let you land on your face.”



So yeah, it could be just about any guy and not compulsorily a yoruba dude. Many schools of thought also believe you can determine such a ‘demon’ by his mannerisms, dressing, appearance and general comportment. Basically, a Casanova is seen as a ‘Yoruba demon’.


Okay, here comes the bombshell.  Where do the girls picture in all these? Society has generally favoured the ‘weaker’ sex when it comes to matters of the heart in the sense that usually when things go awry in a relationship between a lady and guy; the guy tends to bear the brunt of the whole thing. The girl may only just be blamed for letting the guy have his way with her.


But for the guy, invectives ranging from ‘liar’ to ‘cheat’ and more are rained constantly on him at every turn in a relationship. This is not to say a lot of guys aren’t guilty of this but the question is don’t we also have ‘yoruba witches’?


If we do, why is emphasis only then placed on infidelities associated with men, forgetting that half of the time, these ‘yoruba witches’ just happened to get (karma) what they deserve.


Or what do you have to say when a girl plays with a guy’s emotion for a long while and when she finally agrees to go out with him, the guy has already found a girl who had been keeping him company (short time relationship…lol).



Here comes a conflict of interest because, originally he was probably more interested in the girl who kept ‘posting’ him and now that she has agreed to be with him, he finds it difficult to say no to her and therefore attempts to maintain the two relationships.


Did I hear you say, “he could break up with the second girl who had been keeping him company”? You must be kidding because the ‘yoruba witch’ is never going to let go easily.


Let go? After all the benefits she only recently started enjoying. Infact in some cases she may beg to be a second fiddle as long as the ‘goodies’ keep coming her way. So tell me, where is the hope for the ‘yoruba demon’? He’s then stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.


This scenario I have painted is only a fraction of the numerous occurrences that happen in relationships every day.


Maybe, just maybe if the average potential ‘yoruba witch’ can stop being desperate, loquacious, greedy, materialistic, dependent, obsessively jealous, overly suspicious, builders of ‘castles in the air’, dangerously possessive, and ostentatious, the ‘evil spirit’ inherent in the ‘yoruba demons’ can be cast out.


And then we could have ‘yoruba angels’. Alas, only time will tell but ladies can just as well stop crying foul or better still deal with all the ‘yoruba witches’ instead and trust me, our society will be expunged of the ‘Yoruba Demons’!



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