Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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We fought wars to keep Nigeria united– IBB

Former Military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida yesterday disclosed that he and other former Nigerian leaders fought the civil war so that Nigeria would not fight wars again.


IBB in his new year message in Minna, said that that did not however mean that Nigeria would not be confronted with challenges.


According to him: “Challenges are part of life but if we are to be prepared for it we must first shed our fears of it.


“Believe me, when I say from my experience as a military officer, who fought to keep Nigeria one, that we have had difficult times to be where we are today and we will not wish our children, grand children and great grand children to witness war again. We have made the sacrifice for them.”


He charged Nigerians to renew their hopes of achieving more than the country has achieved in the past years.


He said: “We should use the New Year to renew our commitment to our collective prosperity, growth and development by contributing more to nation building and shun all forms of negative tendencies.”


IBB added: “I have the hope that the nation we so sacrifices to keep going and to this age can only be better notwithstanding various security and economic challenges that have become the world order; confronting every country of the world in different magnitude and in a different way.”



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