Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Photos: See what the police allegedly did to this beautiful young lady’s face..

Below is how the incident is being reported…

According to Attorney Lee Merritt, Leah had attended a New Year’s Eve party with her boyfriend, and she had been drinking. When her boyfriend’s eye was injured, Leah rode with him to a local emergency room and fell asleep in the car while he went inside for treatment.

Merritt alleges that Leah woke up when a while male officer she identified as Officer Wood dragging her from the car and “banging her face into the concrete while accusing her of DUI”.

“She was taken to jail and was further physically assaulted by the officer she identified by his badge as Officer Wood as she tried to explain she was not driving, she doesn’t know how to drive, this was not her car,” Merritt wrote. “Leah was not charged with DUI. She was instead mis-charged with public intoxication in a bizarre attempt to justify her unlawful arrest.”

Merritt has called for the officer in question to be terminated and charged with a crime.




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