Monday, June 21, 2021
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Youngest son of politician, MKO Abiola, alleges plot to assassinate him over father’s property, says ”If anything should happen to me, ask my brother Kola’

The youngest son of the late MKO Abiola, Abdul Mumin Abiola, has called on Nigerians to prevail on his brothers, Kola (pictured above), Deji and Agboola Abiola, to stop attacking him because he is trying to resusciate the projects, investments and businesses of their father who died in questionable circumstances on June 12th 1993.


Mumin in his statement said he has overtime suffered series of harrassments from his brothers because of his attempt to renovate his father’s businesses. He asked the public to ask his brother, Kola, if anything should happen to him. Read part of his statement below


“I want my brothers, Kola, Deji, and Agboola to stop playing god with our father’s properties and abandoned projects and investments. I, my brothers and sisters totalling 40 children of Abiola are not fighting with them.


We don’t have a bone to pick with them. But we need to step out of the past and of our father’s shadow. Kola, Deji and Agboola have been peddling lies in the media about my efforts to bring about changes to the dwindling fortunes of the Abiola family. I am ashamed just like my other brothers and sister to see that after MKO Abiola’s death, many of his legacies appear to be in shambles. No, it shouldn’t be like that.


That is not what MKO Abiola stood for while he was alive. I want the good people of Nigeria to prevail on Kola and his cohorts to stop using the police to harass me or those who are working with me to restore the lost glory of the Abiola family. Every effort I have been making to renovate my father’s properties is not self-driven. It is for all my siblings and for the name of Chief MKO Abiola not to be dragged through the mud.


Why should some people be sending thugs and miscreants after me and those working with me to renovate MKO Abiola’s properties?  Why should that be? Do we have to wash our dirty linen in the public? Why should only a select few of Abiola’s children sit on our father’s properties? I am not even asking them to give me and my other siblings a share of the money-spinning companies of my father that they sit on.


Our humble request is that they should allow me and my other siblings who are interested in renovating Abiola’s derelict properties. I have been painstakingly patient for 18 years. Enough is enough.I am also informing the public that my life is in danger.


I don’t feel safe any longer. If anything should happen to me or my siblings, Kola and his cohorts should be held responsible. I love life but I will not sit down cowardly.”



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